Tiles & Backsplashes

Our Murals, Tiles and Borders are suitable for interior walls. They can be used on kitchen backsplashes.


Do NOT use on floors.

It is NOT recommended for exterior use or swimming pools.

These tiles should NOT be exposed to a direct contact heat of over 50°C (122°F).

NO Tile or Border cutting is recommended.

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean metal tiles (such as Pine Sol, Lysol or Bleach).

Before installing, rub a small amount of Liquid Vaseline or baby oil, with a soft cloth, on each tile before masking to protect the lacquer. This lubricates the pieces to protect them from sticky substances (like grout).

We recommend 2 different products for installation:

Rubber Cement

(Available at Home Depot, a good product is Elmer´s).

Apply at least 2 heavy coats to the back surface of each tile. Do not leave tiles in direct sunlight, as this will dry the rubber cement and it will be very hard to remove later.

DO NOT use tape. Using tape will make grouting more difficult, exposing tiles to damage.

Thin-set Mortar

(or any comparable high-grade thin set mortar, like Laticrete 54 Platinum Multipurpose). Mask off tile to eliminate grate in all relief pieces and to avoid scratching finish. Remove excess grout by using water only. All grout must be removed from the surface before it dries to eliminate removing the lacquer coat and scratching metal finish. Acid or other chemicals used to remove excess mortar may destroy the protective coat and change the color of the metal. Do not use harsh chemicals on metal tiles.

Cleaning And Long-term Care

To clean, wipe with a soft, clean, dry cloth. We recommend cleaning tiles with baby oil or liquid Vaseline at least one time every month or when you see that it needs to be cleaned.