I am Maru Panameño,


I am a designer from El Salvador, I was born into a very creative family, and my father, Oscar Panameno, founder of our family business, TOROGOZ, He always motivated me to develop my art.

Thanks to the processes and techniques that our company has, I leaned towards the Design of Metal Products; that is how I became the Designer of all the product lines that we produce: Recognition, Decorative and Religious Figurines, and a collection of Decorative Murals that personally is what I am very proud of.

I love the idea that I can transform the spaces where people live with my art.

I was inspired by the Italian Tuscany region to design the mural collection, which is why elements such as bottles of wine, grapes, cheeses, and olives appear.

My murals are a detail that gives a touch of elegance to the kitchen, which is normally the center of the home since it is usually a meeting point for all family members.

In addition, due to their design and theme, wine lovers find them a perfect decorative element for their cellars.

All the murals are made with top-quality virgin metals. Their finishes are handmade, which is why no mural is identical, and its beauty lies in those minor differences between them.

And best of all, we apply a protective coating that makes their maintenance minimal, and their finish remains intact for a long time.

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